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What is an ASP?


We can do as little or as much as you would like to get your house staged to sell.



A Staging Proposal

I walk through the house make a note of what needs to be done and how long it would take for me to do everything for the home owner. Total time spent in house on a bid would be about 1 hour. The bid is presented to the owner and staging day is scheduled for me to come back and get to staging completed.  Bid is free, investment in the staging work depends on the size of the house and how what needs to be done.


Vacant Homes

I will coordinate furniture and accessories for your home to make it more appealing for prospective buyers. The furniture will make the home very appealing and give people a cozy warm feeling when they are viewing your property rather than a cold empty feeling a vacant home can give.  You will be showing people an uncluttered clean lifestyle that people canít resist. Most people need to see what it can be, not what it is going to be.


Occupied Homes

Creativity is the name of the game. I will eliminate clutter, edit and arrange furniture. I will work with the flow of your home and assist on sprucing up your curb-appeal. With my help your house will make a notable first impression for potential homebuyers. Remember, the way you live in your home and the way you market it for sale are two very different things.


Staging Inventory for Occupied Homes

Often times we stage houses that are occupied but the owners donít have quite enough items to complete the staging look we are going for. My English Touch, Ltd stages vacant houses so we are able to offer our clients the ability to rent artwork and accessories where needed. Items may be rented on a month to month basis.

For each service I request that I am able to take photographs of the property before and after staging completed. Once your house is certified as a Staged home it will be placed on Stagedhomes.com and MyEnglishTouch.com with your listing along with your Realtor's information. 


Getting it Staged = Getting it Sold!

Voice Mail Recording:  I will record your voice mail message in my strongest English accent for you.

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